Just Sudoku

Play the popular game to train your mind


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  • Category Pastimes
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.2
  • Size 2.24 MB
  • Works under: Windows NT / Windows ME / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 98
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Sudoku-Puzzles.net

Just Good Fun with Numbers

Sudoku is one of the oldest puzzle games in the world and has been around for hundreds of years. Sudoku is now available to play on the computer, without having to buy books or pens. Find out if Just Sudoku manages to capture all the elements of this popular puzzle game.

People who want to put their grey matter to the test can have a lot of fun playing Just Sudoku. The game follows the standard format of a grid of numbers with some squares in the grid already filled in. players have to use their powers of reasoning to figure out which numbers should go into each square so that the pattern is completed without any repetitions.

While this concept is fairly simple, Just Sudoku also offers a few features to make the game more engaging. Instead of numbers, players can choose symbols if they wish, and these symbols come in a range of cool styles to make the game more visually pleasing. There are lots of levels to choose from and it is possible to select the difficulty level to make sure that the game is suitable for players of all skill levels.

People who have been playing Sudoku and want to pick up new skills to help them solve the more challenging levels will be able to check out the tutorials. Not only do these tutorials present the answers to some of the puzzle sequences, they also show how to work them out so that players will be able to solve similar puzzles later without any help.

An extra surprise is provided by the built in MP3 player. This adds an extra dimension to the game and players will have the chance to listen to some new music in addition to their favourite tunes to get their toes tapping while their brain cells go to work on solving the problem so that they can move onto the next level where new challenges await.

Fans of Sudoku are sure to enjoy the features that this game provides such as the great background music and ease of use. However, as the name suggests, this is Just Sudoku and people who are not really interested in the puzzle game will not find anything else here to get them hooked.


  • Lots of puzzles to complete
  • Change the numbers for symbols
  • Easy to follow tutorial


  • Limited to Sudoku content
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